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Now you can quickly transfer online, straight to your payee's bank account.

Step One: Open an account with us. It only takes 3 minutes!

Step Two: Add a payee to your account.

Step Three: Make your first transfer.

Highly secure! With the responsibility to protect the interests of our customers, we take safety seriously. Our platform is equipped with Norton Online Security, the same security system used by banks, thus ensuring top of class protection.

Like all major financial institutions in the world, Link World Money is registered and approved by the Financial Conduct Authority.

We guarantee to offer you a better exchange rate than your bank, so you'll always save money when making transfers with us. Contact us to compare your bank's exchange rate.

We offer a fast payment system in which we do our best to ensure that the recipient receives the transfer as soon as possible.

In most cases the transfer is received in the recipient's account within 24 to 48 hours.

Europe: IBAN and SWIFT

United Kingdom: Account and Agency Number / Sort code or IBAN and SWIFT

Brazil: Account Number, Agency and Social Security Number

Contact us for information about other countries.

No. As stated in our Terms and Conditions, each of our customers may have only one account registered with us. If more than one account is created by the same individual, both accounts will be blocked. Please contact us if you have created more than one account, and let us know which account you would like to keep active.

This could be for several reasons, please contact us to unlock your account. In order to ensure that you and the account holder, we may request information for the behavior of your identification.

Yes. You will be able to access and print your receipts; will be available in your account in the "Transfers" area.

There is no maximum limit for transfers. However, if you wish to send a larger amount, identification documents will be required according to the amount of money you wish to send. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your needs in more detail.

When you created an account with us, you will receive a special limit on transactions. If you wish to send a larger amount, identification documents will be required according to the amount of money you wish to send.

To increase your limit, click the "Upgrade Limit" button in your account menu and upload the requested documents. Like all your other information, your documents will be protected securely.

If you have not received an email to activate your account, try these simple solutions:

1) Check your 'unwanted' and 'deleted' mailbox. The email may have been filtered out.

2) Add to your contact list.

3) Make sure you have used a valid email address when creating your Link World Money account.

You may be updating your address and phone number. However, to ensure the security of your account, changes related to your name or date of birth and some other details may only be authorized if you contact us directly.

Yes. We are proud to make contributions to our community, collaborate on charitable projects and also promote recycling, energy saving and environmental preservation among our employees.

We love talking to our customers! If you have any questions, suggestions, comments or just want to say hi, please contact us.


Phone: Please visit our "Contact" page to access the complete list of phone numbers according to your country.